This series of paintings explores the wave-like patterns of clouds and the play of sunlight on them as they roll through the sky. We live in this thick layer of tumultuous atmosphere all the time, and yet we rarely notice it overhead. They are based on quick sketches and panorama photos of the skyscapes.  The cloud patterns displayed in the Caribbean skies are often multi-layered, as different clouds exist in different layers of the atmosphere. Our view from earth compresses these layers together, juxtaposing the high and low atmosphere patterns into one complex pattern of …Cloud Waves and Sky Lights.

THE ILLUSIVE IMAGE – As a lover of the outdoors all my life, I kept noticing these large patterns when looking at skyscapes. These days we can easily see larger versions of these patterns on satellite weather-images; huge cloud systems that stretch over entire continents and oceans. But when I tried to capture our earthly view of these patterns with a camera, the angle of view was too narrow to see the patterns.

THE WIDE VIEW – So I began taking very wide-view panoramas with my cellphone camera, holding the phone vertically while panning across the sky horizontally. The result was an extremely wide angle view both in the horizontal and the vertical. These photographs are more characteristic of the way we actually see, with more than a ninety degree angle of view. The paintings in this series are mostly based on these wide, panorama photographs that reveal the sweeping patterns of clouds rolling over us, especially here in the Caribbean.

THE LIGHT – Also important here was capturing the quality of light in this series. While exploring the wide-view of the sky and the cloud patterns, I’ve also tried to capture the stunning quality of light on the clouds and sky at different times of the day. When the sunlight dances around the clouds roll over us, we are often moved by the intense quality of light. In these sun-lit moments it is easy to understand why the deep, symbolic and spiritual meanings of “the Light” has become so profound and sacred in so many cultures throughout history.

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Kirby Shaw

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